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I enjoyed working with you and was very impressed with the recruit and show rates. As I told Suzie and Pam, I have never had a full show in my almost 7 years as a moderator. Great job!

Alexandra Carroll,
Summus Limited

Really pleasant personnel all the way around. Enjoyed working with you guys and will be back again if I need work in St. Louis or Midwest market (outside of Chicago).

George Hunt,

Keep up the good work!

Stan Evans,
Swedish Match

Lucas Market Research does a great job at recruiting “hard to get” respondents! They are very responsive to your needs—constantly updating you on the status of your project. Their personnel is highly professional and due to their employees’ longevity with the firm are able to provide very valuable insight into your project’s objectives. It is always a pleasure to work with their team!

Carol Johanek,
Johanek and Associates

Having been a part of the research community for almost 30 years, Lucas and Suzie E. have demonstrated their professionalism in meeting my needs on my projects for many years… I trust them to bid competitively, manage effectivly, and treat my clients with the same level of respect that I do.

For Clients interested in speaking with the mid–west consumer, Lucas is on my very short list of recommended sites.

Just please, DON’T try to bump my holds…

James Partner,
Research for Management, Inc

On behalf of Bryan and myself I can honestly say that we love working with the team at Lucas Research. You have a unique blend of professional expertise and personal customer service which as researchers we truly appreciate. You tackle all challenges with proactive innovative thinking, rather than just going through the motions. Your recruitment is always excellent, with great attention to detail, and we know we can always rely on you even when the circumstances are difficult! You make us and our clients feel extremely welcome whenever we are with you, and it is truly a pleasure to work with the Lucas team.

Alison Keefe,
Consumer Knowledge Centre Ltd

I had such a great experience coming to Lucas Market Research.  The personal attention I received was second to none. I felt completely taken care of from the moment I made the first inquiry about the study. Every aspect of the study was handled with care — the recruiting was great, the staff friendly and attentive, and the new facility is absolutely beautiful. My client commented that it was the “nicest facility” she’d ever been in — with so many personal touches. St. Louis is a GREAT market to consider for qualitative research, and Lucas Market Research is the place to go!

Katie Guillory,

“My clients were especially complimentary of the facility (the new re-fit is really beautiful as well as functional) and the service.  Thank You!”

Bryan Urbick,
Consumer Knowledge

“As I have told you, Lucas in my opinion is the best facility in the COUNTRY.”

Susan Nassar,

“Very good job and great new facility!  Thank You!”

Jim Jaeger,
New South Research

“Always among the best, most attentive service of any facility I go to across the country.  I feel like I am cared for and everyone couldn’t be more accommodating.  Respondents are always early, show rates are great, and you get everyone to smile.  Thank you and look forward to the next visit.”

Clint Clifford,

“I didn’t bring clients with me…but I wish I would have.  They’d be quite pleased with the facility.  It ranks up there with the best of them now.  Really…very well done.”

GFK Kynetec

“If I could come here for every project I would.  Look forward to working with you again soon.”

Brenda Wigger,

“Lucas Research provides consistently reliable recruits, according to our tough standards.  Each time we use Lucas, we are impressed with the graciousness and professionalism of the staff, as well as the comfort of the facility.  We will continue to call on Suzie and her staff whenever we need research in the St. Louis area.”

Karen Kash Redden, M.S.,

“For years Lucas has been our ‘go-to’ facility in St. Louis.  They are consistently reliable for excellent recruiting, and a can-do attitude at all times.  Plus they couldn’t be nicer to work with!”

Betsy Schmidt ,

I wish there was a Lucas Market Research in every city around the world!
It makes a great impression on my clients.
• The space is beautiful and comfortable in the front room and the back room
• The staff is welcoming and always smiling, making it easy to ask for any need without feeling like you’re imposing
• The latest technologies are in place for recording, viewing, communicating
• It’s like visiting a relative who remembers what you love to eat and it’s there before you asked
They provide superb recruiting
• We’re in touch throughout, so there are no surprises.  We can alter where appropriate
• I have tough topics with low incidences, but we always make quota
They are simply wonderful people
• Suzanne is a delight and she hires people who reflect her warmth, intelligence and dedication to our craft

I’ve personally interviewed over 60,000 people in my career in the past 28 years, from Cincinnati to Singapore. 

I can sincerely say that there is no other Marketing Research venue that can surpass Lucas on all the key measures that our clients and we as researchers value in a center for research. 
With great appreciation.

Sharon Livingston,
The Livingston Group

“Flawless.  Top notch, organized, professional, totally squared away.”  Thank you for being helpful and responsive about all of my concerns.  The next time we work in St. Louis, we will definitely try to work with you.


Benjamin Margolis,
Hickman Analytics

“Having traveled around the country for more than 20 years conducting focus groups, I have found that a lot of companies can get the recruiting and facilities right.  But only a handful of companies make you feel like you really belong in their facility.  From the moment I set foot in the Lucas facility until the time I leave, the people at Lucas make me feel that I am both a friend and their most valued client.  That’s what sets Lucas Market Research apart from the competition.”

Nick Calo,
Calo Research Services

“Our experience with Lucas Market Research was outstanding from start to finish. The recruit and show rate were excellent, even in the face of our challenging criteria. Our clients were impressed by the beauty and comfort of the facility, and I appreciated how functional and efficient the space was. By far, though, the best part of our experience was the staff. Every member of your team was committed to the success of our research exercise. Knowing that your staff was taking care of all the details enabled me and my team to focus on our clients and on the work at hand. Thank you for exceeding our expectations in every way.”

Alison Wong,
Wong McElroy Litigation Consultants

“Everything was great! We hope to find more reasons to research in St. Louis again!”

Jane Synder,
Growth Engine Company
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