Focus Group Studies/ Mock Trials

Our facility was designed with your needs in mind.  Our spacious and convenient location make us the ideal choice for your projects.


LMR can help you find the right people for the right project.  Our expansive database has the right people that your project needs.

Technology Support

We have the latest and greatest research equipment available.  CCTV, wireless headsets, live streaming, etc.  LMR has it all for you.

Client-Service Driven

At Lucas Market Research, you and your clients will receive our family focused client driven experience to make your project not only successful, but enjoyable as well.

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  • Amazing Space

  • Family Owned

  • Client Focused

  • Service Driven

What others say about us

Having traveled around the country for more than 20 years conducting focus groups, I have found that a lot of companies can get the recruiting and facilities right.  But only a handful of companies make you feel like you really belong in their facility.  From the moment I set foot in the Lucas facility until the time I leave, the people at Lucas make me feel that I am both a friend and their most valued client.  That’s what sets Lucas Market Research apart from the competition.

Nick CaloCalo Research Services

Lucas Market Research does a great job at recruiting “hard to get” respondents! They are very responsive to your needs—constantly updating you on the status of your project. Their personnel is highly professional and due to their employees’ longevity with the firm are able to provide very valuable insight into your project’s objectives. It is always a pleasure to work with their team!

Carol JohanekJohanek and Associates

On behalf of Bryan and myself I can honestly say that we love working with the team at Lucas Research. You have a unique blend of professional expertise and personal customer service which as researchers we truly appreciate. You tackle all challenges with proactive innovative thinking, rather than just going through the motions. Your recruitment is always excellent, with great attention to detail, and we know we can always rely on you even when the circumstances are difficult! You make us and our clients feel extremely welcome whenever we are with you, and it is truly a pleasure to work with the Lucas team.

Alison KeefeConsumer Market Centre Ltd.

I had such a great experience coming to Lucas Market Research.  The personal attention I received was second to none. I felt completely taken care of from the moment I made the first inquiry about the study. Every aspect of the study was handled with care — the recruiting was great, the staff friendly and attentive, and the new facility is absolutely beautiful. My client commented that it was the “nicest facility” she’d ever been in — with so many personal touches. St. Louis is a GREAT market to consider for qualitative research, and Lucas Market Research is the place to go!

Katie GuilloryGoldmine